Updated 23.05.2024

Commercial premises lease 

Rental of an office or other commercial premises in England to a company or professional individual.

Use this contract: 

  • For letting or subletting commercial premises in England.
  • Whether the property is let with or without a car park or other communal facilities.
  • Whether or not there is a co-tenant acting as guarantor or who will be living with the main tenant.



This agreement is governed by laws of England and Wales and complies with real estate regulations 

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Protect yourself legally as a landlord with the following options: 

  • Obligation to provide a guarantee, deposit or civil liability insurance, and payment of rent and charges in advance. 
  • Firm prohibition on any non-conforming use, sub-letting or transfer of the lease without the prior agreement of the landlord. 
  • Guarantee of the joint tenant acting jointly and severally with the principal tenant. 
  • Strict regulations governing the use and operation of the premises and common provisions, compliance with the law and co-ownership rules. 
  • Protective provisions in the event of default, allowing for reminder charges, interest on arrears, requests for advance payment of rent, early termination and eviction. 
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