Updated 23.05.2024

Contract for project by deadline 

Contract for the development, design or preparation of a one-off project or service, for a fixed short or long term.

Use this contract: 

  • To carry out a defined project of any kind, such as development, design, layout or a one-off consultancy or assignment.
  • Whether the project consists of one or more tasks or stages, to be completed by an estimated or specific deadline.
  • When the services are invoiced with an exact price, a fee quote or an estimated price range.
  • Whether the customer is located in UK or abroad, and whether the customer is a private individual or a company.



This agreement is governed by laws of England and Wales and complies with commercial regulations 

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Protect yourself legally as a supplier with the following options: 

  • Indication of the quotation or estimated price with tolerated margin, and advance guarantee retainer. 
  • Indication of materials and costs to be procured and invoiced, with amounts pre-approved by the customer. 
  • Limitation of liability to the amount of fees paid and imposition of a short claims period by the customer. 
  • Authorisation to delegate, represent and sign on behalf of the client. 
  • Reservation of the intellectual property created and the right to use it, even by assigning it to the client. 

Safeguard your interests as a customer by using the following clauses: 

  • Limitation of the estimated price or indication of the exact price, with no commitment to pay more even in unforeseeable circumstances. 
  • Capping of costs that may be invoiced in addition to the price, and clear indication of the VAT to be invoiced. 
  • A firm prohibition on subcontracting, non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition, even after the contract has ended. 
  • Unambiguous treatment of the transfer and use of intellectual property created and protection of confidential information. 
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