Updated 23.05.2024

Parking licence agreement 

Short or long-term rental of a garage, box or parking space of any kind.

Use this contract: 

  • To rent or sublet a car park in United Kingdom.
  • Whether or not the car park is rented together with the main premises.
  • Whether the car park is accessible to the tenant at all times or according to set time slots.



This agreement is governed by laws of England and Wales and complies with real estate regulations 

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Protect yourself legally as a licensor with the following options: 

  • Obligation to provide a guarantee or deposit, and payment of rent in advance. 
  • Strict rules on the use and operation of the premises and common provisions, compliance with the law and co-ownership rules. 
  • Protective provisions in the event of default, allowing for reminder charges, interest on arrears, early termination and eviction. 
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