Updated 23.05.2024

Standard contract for sale of vehicle

A contract for the sale of a car or motorbike, new or used, for private or commercial purposes

Use this contract:

  • To sell a new or used car or motorbike.
  • Whether the buyer collects the vehicle or has it delivered.
  • Whether or not you are responsible for importing, registering, or carrying out roadworthiness tests.
  • When the price is paid in cash or by bank transfer, before or after the sale.



This agreement is governed by laws of England and Wales and complies with commercial regulations 

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Safeguard your seller’s rights with the following terms: 

  • Indication and acceptance of notified defects, current mileage and relevant technical documentation. 
  • Obligation of the purchaser to give preference to repair, replacement, or price reduction before cancelling the purchase due to defects. 
  • Stipulation of approximate and flexible deadlines with obligation to tolerate slight delay. 
  • Requiring payment in advance, in full or in part. 
  • Specification of charges, taxes, and customs duties to be invoiced in addition to the price. 

As a buyer, you can benefit from the following opportunities: 

  • Obligatory technical inspection by the seller for used cars. 
  • Transport insurance and additional repair guarantee required. 
  • Possibility of an instalment plan with or without advance payment. 
  • Allocation of time to cancel the order before the due date. 
  • Capping of charges, taxes, and customs duties payable.
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