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    All the documents that you see on our website are created by experienced lawyers and are legally enforceable under the applicable laws of Switzerland

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    Just fill in the required information and download the ready-to-sign result to secure your urgent deals

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    Create country-specific agreements online with legal forms that correspond to the regulations and jurisdictions of different places

Why people choose AdminTech legal forms

  • I can draft, review, and finalize contracts at any time, which is perfect for our unpredictable schedules. For example, I recently needed to put together a confidentiality agreement late at night, with my partners in Canada. With AdminTech, I could do it in just a few minutes without waiting for office hours or scheduling an appointment. This kind of flexibility is invaluable for me.

    Sadozai Hassan
    Sadozai Hassan
    Opportuna Development International
  • “Using AdminTech has been a game-changer for us. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and allows me to create contracts at any time of day. The process is fast, and I love the fact that there’s a 100% guarantee of legal accuracy.”

    Timur Shakirov
    Timur Shakirov
    LedgerPeek Sàrl
  • “AdminTech offers a fast, secure, and intuitive way to create robust sales and supply contracts, the backbone of any sales-dependent business. Highly recommended for any sales department.”

    Vladyslav Tsyplakov
    Vladyslav Tsyplakov
    Mirai Intex
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