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A note from the Founder

Andriy Chubatyuk, CEO AdminTech
CEO, Founder

A note from the Founder

Before founding Admintech, I worked for companies of different sizes, from local startups to multinational corporations, and I realized that the legal needs of a large enterprise have much in common with those of an SMB, although on a smaller scale and with fewer resources.

The request from businesses is the same, but the financial capabilities are different. With this understanding began my journey to make contract preparation clear, fast and available 24/7 for every business, regardless of its size, country or language.

Thanks to my education and professional accomplishments: two master’s degrees in law and economics, acting expert in audit, tax and fiduciary services, the youngest author of a legal book “Corporations and their shareholders in Swiss tax law” in Switzerland, I was able to combine the experience of first-class specialists from all over the world, with whom I worked all this time, in one technological solution for creating and managing business agreements.

About the

Collaborating with the best IT experts in document automation and artificial intelligence, our team of legal professionals has combined decades of legal best practices with technological solutions.

We’ve integrated the world’s legal knowledge into a convenient and fast agreement generation builder to help close any business deal in minutes, with zero risk and maximum clarity for the parties.

We believe technology will change the legal landscape of tomorrow, and we help our clients forget about countless emails, phone calls and meetings with law firms. We guarantee results immediately, at any time convenient to the client, and at a fraction of the cost.


To create a global ecosystem to deliver top-notch legal services with leading technology innovators and law firms in one place, at an affordable price for everyone, anywhere in the world.

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