Updated 23.05.2024

Claims assignment agreement (without debtor) 

The creditor-assignor assigns claims to the assignee, free of charge or in return for a fee or collection commission, and the debtor is not party to the contract.

Use this contract: 

  • When you have claims against a debtor, in Swiss francs or foreign currency.
  • To assign the claim, in whole or in part, to the assignee.
  • If the debtor did not prohibit the assignment in his initial agreement with you.
  • Whether the assignment is free of charge, for a fee or for a collection commission.




This contract if governed by Swiss law and complies with commercial and financial law 

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Use the following options to optimise the conditions of the assignment: 

  • Possibility of assigning receivables in principal, with contractual interest, interest on arrears, costs and penalties accrued to date. 
  • Conditions precedent to the assignment and additional guarantees from the assignor to the assignee. 
  • No agreement from the debtor and confidentiality of the terms of the assignment. 
  • Flexibility in the calculation and payment of the commission or price for collection. 
  • Conclusion fee to ensure minimum remuneration of the assignee, regardless of collection success. 
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