Updated 19.07.2024

Contract for collateral on assets 

The debtor gives an asset or movable property to the creditor to secure debts.

Use this contract: 

  • When you owe the creditor a certain debt, in Swiss francs or a foreign currency.
  • To reassure the creditor and guarantee payment of the debt with the value of movable objects.
  • If you agree to temporarily dispossess yourself of the pledged items without being able to use them until the debt is repaid.


30 CHF/document


Jurisdiction: Switzerland
Swiss Legal Guarantee. No further checks are needed

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Use the following options to optimise the conditions of the pledge: 

  • Possibility for the creditor to repurchase the item at the market price in the event of default. 
  • Indication of a grace period during which the debt must be paid in cash before the pledged object can be realised. 
  • Obligation to cover the costs of realisation, and any excess amount not covered by the value of the item realised. 
  • Obligation to return any balance of the realised object price that exceeds the amortised debt. 
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