Updated 23.05.2024

Contract for collateral on receivables 

The debtor assigns claims to the creditor to guarantee payment of a debt.

Use this contract: 

  • When you owe a certain debt to the creditor, in Swiss francs or a foreign currency.
  • To reassure the creditor and guarantee payment of the debt by the value of the claims and interest you have against your customers or debtors.
  • When you want the creditor to be able to collect payments on the assigned receivables as security for the debt you owe.




This contract if governed by Swiss law and complies with commercial and financial law 

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Use the following options to optimise the terms of the pledge: 

  • Possibility of retaining receivables and accrued interest on assigned receivables in the event of default. 
  • Indication of a grace period during which the debt must be pursued in cash before realising the assigned receivables. 
  • Obligation to cover realisation costs and any excess amount not covered by the value of the assigned receivables. 
  • Obligation to repay any balance of assigned receivables in excess of the debt written off. 
  • Possibility of guaranteeing performance of assigned receivables if the debtors are themselves in arrears. 
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