Updated 19.07.2024

Contract for online ads or influencer for Switzerland

The service provider undertakes to display, broadcast and promote the advertiser’s online advertising on a platform, profile, channel or other media.

Use this contract: 

  • When you operate a website, platform, profile or online channel where you can display or announce advertising, whether or not on a professional basis.
  • Whether the advertising is created by you on request and for a fee or supplied ready-made by the advertiser.
  • Whether the advertisement is to be remunerated with a fixed fee, per click, per display or in any other way.
  • Whether the advertiser is located in Switzerland or abroad, and whether it is a private individual or a company.


30 CHF/document


Jurisdiction: Switzerland
Swiss Legal Guarantee. No further checks are needed

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Protect yourself legally as a broadcaster with the following options: 

  • Invoicing of non-recoverable design and conception costs, and the right to personally exploit the advertising designed for the customer. 
  • Commitment to a minimum duration and renewal of the contract in the event of non-cancellation by the customer, with an obligation to pay. 
  • Restrictions on advertising and the right to terminate immediately if the advertising damages the service provider’s image. 

Safeguard your interests as a customer by using the following clauses: 

  • Indication of minimum objectives and targets, with the right to terminate in the event of non-compliance. 
  • Unambiguous calculation of royalties and fees to be paid, with clear deadlines. 
  • Protection of intellectual property created and right of use. 
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