Updated 19.07.2024

Contract for non-disclosure of interview for Switzerland

A unilateral non-disclosure agreement for the employee’s job interview, during which the employer may disclose confidential information.

Use this contract:

  • To prepare for an interview with a job candidate.
  • When, during the interview, sensitive information or business secrets may be communicated to the candidate.
  • To protect your business secrets, inventions, or other sensitive and proprietary information.

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Jurisdiction: Switzerland
Swiss Legal Guarantee. No further checks are needed

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Protect yourself legally as an employer with the following options: 

  • Clear and unequivocal definition of confidential and non-confidential information, to avoid any misunderstanding. 
  • Indication of a ratification period, annexes, and specific declarations to increase clarity. 
  • Imposition of specific restrictions, sanctions, or swift legal action in the event of breach. 
  • Restriction on the non-poaching of personnel and prohibition on the unauthorised use of information communicated.

An interview NDA template allows a company or business to draft a legal document to be signed by the employer and a potential candidate in view of protecting the confidentiality of information exchanged in the course of a job interview

A company uses an interview non-disclosure agreement: 

  • To protect sensitive information disclosed during an interview for a job position.
  • To establish terms of confidentiality without firmly guaranteeing the closing of the job.
  • To deter unauthorised disclosure and provide compensation for breaches.

Key aspects of a job interview NDA 

  • A job interview NDA is used for negotiating potential employment by a business and a candidate. 
  • The document should clearly outline the definition of confidential information, the obligations of the parties, as well as the scope of the job position. 
  • Unlike a non-disclosure agreement for a business transaction, by signing a job interview NDA, the employer does not prohibit the candidate from solicitation or competition with the company. 
  • The parties may also use an NDA for job interview to include additional limitations and specifications regarding confidentiality protections. 

Six tips on a job interview NDA 

To protect your proprietary information, we encourage you to choose from the next options in our NDA for interview: 

  • Clearly define the type, scope, form, and purpose of disclosing sensitive information. 
  • Specify a lump-sum penalty for each act of breach, shifting the burden of proof to the breaching party. 
  • Implement additional technical confidentiality measures, including specific non-disclosure restrictions. 

Our confidentiality agreement for interview also provides advantages and security to the candidate, for example: 

  • The ability to define a confirmation period, after which certain details in an NDA may be presumed non-confidential. 
  • Exemption from confidentiality obligations for publicly available or derived information. 
  • Identification of non-confidential data that can be openly disclosed. 

Create a job interview NDA with AdminTech 

With AdminTech’s online document builder and a non-disclosure agreement job interview, simply fill in the required fields with the necessary information, adjusting the document to your specific requirements. 

A professional interview NDA template covers the following information:  

  • Parties’ name and identification 
  • Scope of negotiations, start and term of non-disclosure 
  • Limitations, such as publicly available data, non-confidential information, and confirmation period 
  • Additional technical measures 
  • Penalties and remedies in case of breach. 

FAQ on a job interview NDA 

What is an NDA for an interview? 

An interview non-disclosure agreement is a legal document that is signed by the employer and candidate before the job interview. Such a document is particularly vital for positions that involve access to sensitive information, for example: trade secrets, product roadmaps, financial information, etc.  

Are NDAs common for interviews? 
Yes, a job interview NDA is often signed by parties, even though it is not required by Swiss law. Such a document is mostly needed in industries where proprietary information or trade secrets are heavily involved, or for roles where candidates may be exposed to sensitive data during the interview process. However, in many cases, interview discussions are considered confidential by default, without the need for a formal NDA. 

What is the purpose of the interview NDA template? 

An interview NDA template is created for small and medium-sized business owners who want to protect sensitive information shared during the interview process. Our template is made to remove any ambiguity that could arise at the time of information exchange. The overall process of filling in the fields in a document sample will take less than five minutes and will serve as a reliable safeguard for the company’s proprietary information.  

Is signing the NDA for a job interview mandatory?  

Whether a company requires candidates to sign a job interview NDA mainly depends on the established policies. If a candidate refuses to sign this agreement, you have the right not to have a conversation with him or her.  

Does an NDA for an interview prevent a candidate from seeking future employment in a similar industry? 

No, the terms and conditions that are included in an interview NDA template don’t restrict the candidate from seeking employment in a similar industry. The non-compete clause is typical for non-disclosure agreements that are signed at the beginning of cooperation but can’t be covered in an NDA for an interview.  

How to ask a candidate to sign a job interview NDA? 

Sending a direct message with a request to sign an NDA for an interview it’s advisable to follow the next points: 

  • Clarify the purpose of signing the contract. 
  • Explain that the agreement protects both the company’s interests and the candidate’s privacy. 
  • Give time to review a document sample and encourage a person to ask questions once there is any confusion.  

How long does an NDA for an interview remain in effect? 

Each valid example of the job interview NDA should clearly outline its duration which is usually from three to five years. However, it is also possible to establish a longer term that is up to 10 years. 

What are the consequences of breaching an NDA for an interview? 

Depending on the type of information that is disclosed during the interview, employers have the right to specify the consequences of the breach. For example, your NDA may include the details that the breaching party is liable for financial damages resulting from the breach. Additionally, a signed agreement may grant the non-breaching party the right to seek injunctive relief.  

How can a business ensure successful confidentiality protection? 

To guarantee a fruitful job interview experience, it is generally advisable to: 

  • Clearly communicate the purpose of signing a confidentiality agreement for the interview. 
  • Opt for one-on-one interviews rather than for those that are conducted in small groups.  
  • Specify your non-disclosure agreement job interview, making it relevant to each position or role within a company. 
  • Include specific measures, protocols, technical solutions, and organisational standards to mitigate risks. 
  • Create and sign a confidentiality agreement for the interview. 
  • Keep due records and communication files as proof of compliance with non-disclosure duties. 
  • Periodically review and update your confidentiality procedures to ensure they remain effective. 
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