Updated 23.05.2024

Promissory note 

A declaration of acknowledgement of debt and promise of payment by the debtor of a debt until a certain due date.

Use this template: 

  • To confirm a debt that has not been formally documented or the amount of the debt has not been certain.
  • That the debt arises from a loan or invoice, whether private or commercial, in Swiss francs or foreign currency.
  • That the debt is interest-free, with simple or compound annual interest, or single interest.




This template is governed by Swiss law and complies with commercial and financial regulations

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Use the following options to protect the creditor: 

  • Legal title in the event of a dispute over enforcement of the debt. 
  • Firm and clear statement by the debtor of the amount of the debt, interest, costs or penalties accrued to date. 
  • Stipulation of the conditions precedent to the debt becoming due for payment, for the sake of clarity. 
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