Updated 23.05.2024

Staff regulations 

General regulations defining identical or similar employment rules applicable to any employee who signs a contract with reference to the regulations.

Use these regulations: 

  • If you plan to employ several employees in the future, with identical or similar terms and conditions of employment.
  • To prepare the general legal framework, which will only be supplemented by very short employment contracts.
  • Whether you employ full-time or part-time staff, for an indefinite period or a fixed-term contract.
  • For all types of business and all types of employee, from manual workers to office staff.




This document is governed by Swiss law and complies with collective labour agreements (CLA)

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Protect yourself legally as an employer with the following options: 

  • Restrictions on non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition, even after employment, with penalties. 
  • Extensive monitoring measures, obligation to record working hours and submit to regular checks. 
  • Clear definition of working hours and breaks, with a general obligation to work overtime, travel and take business trips. 
  • Possibility of payment in lieu of dismissal leave, suspension from work as a disciplinary measure, and immediate termination for cause. 
  • Duty of loyalty, diligence, and obligation to return equipment and tools in the same condition, with limits on coverage of expenses and use of equipment or vehicles. 

Offer your employees the following protection and benefits: 

  • Bonuses and benefits of all kinds, including training funding, sales commission, performance-based and non-performance-based bonuses. 
  • Longer holidays, extended redundancy leave, no trial period and seniority pay. 
  • Salary net of any tax or social security contributions, 13th salary, shorter payment periods and right to tips. 
  • Flexible working hours, paid lunch break and home office policy. 
  • Company car or card, parking space, equipment, tools, or other expenses covered, including lump-sum payments. 
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